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Pipe & Valve Labels

Silver Fox offers a growing range of time-saving durable pipe and valve identification solutions:



Uniquely Endurance

External Grade Pipe ID Tape has been tested for 6500 hours simulated UV ageing while Endurance Modular and Endurance Engraved acrylic material have undergone 8000 hours.

Endurance Engraved labels are available in Acrylic – suitable for indoor and outdoor use,  Mechanically engraved phenolic material for rail/metro applications and Stainless Steel for applications across the spread including Oil and Gas.

Bespoke Factory Produced Labels:

Endurance® Pipe ID – External
Endurance® Pipe ID – Internal

Endurance® Stainless-Steel

Endurance® Modular ID System

Endurance® Laser Engraved

While all of the above are produced in our factory to your exact requirements. Our new Endurance® PVC Valve Tags can be printed locally in conjunction with our Fox-in-a-Box® thermal printer kit.

Fox-in-a-Box® Printer Kit Products:

Endurance® Valve Tags