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The AMP NETCONNECT labelling software is specially developed for Commscope, by our team at Silver Fox. It is a derivative of our own Labacus® Innovator software. The templates and functionality are specially geared to Commscope AMP NETCONNECT users.

Specifically what's Different?

AMP NETCONNECT is our own design and our own development. It is not built around any third party database. This gives us excellent flexibility, enabling us to adjust and evolve the software and it’s functionality according to the changing needs and expectations of our users.

Continuous Improvement

The first issue was introduced in 2001, since then it has undergone numerous changes and improvements, many of these based on feedback from engineers across the world. Continuous improvement - evolution and not revolution.

Keeping all our Users Up-to-date

This continuous improvement has been passed onto all our users by utilizing our own automated web update functionality. Each time the software runs it polls our website and if there is a newer version it automatically downloads.

The free updates are a mix of improvements in: user interface/systems operation/operating system capability are all free of charge. For example; the latest release in this long line of releases has a huge list of changes and improvements can now also be operated on pc’s with Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

Levels of software

There are 2 levels of the AMP NETCONNECT software:


Typically this free software allows you to build simple jobs and print. You can also copy and paste information from any windows application.

Chargeable Advanced

The Advanced level allows you to produce more complex builds such as EIA/TIA 606 by utilizing multi segments in the build editor. Like the Standard you can also copy and paste from any windows application. You can also: save jobs/override the font auto-size/use sheets several times with the variable start position option…..

Advanced users - Try before you buy

By downloading the Free standard you also get 6 INDIVIDUAL/SEPARATE days of trial of the Advanced.

Download software

To download the free Standard software incorporating the free trial of the Advanced Software click on the Download link below.

Functionality compared

To compare functionality click here.

License and Maintenance Costs

There are no annual license or maintenance costs.

Help and support

Both levels of AMP NETCONNECT offer powerful context sensitive help including screen dumps and worked examples.


The AMP NETCONNECT software incorporates a number of different label templates. The labels can be purchased via your normal Commscope Distributor supply chain.

For more information on specific label types please click on one of the links below:

For more information contact Silver Fox Limited; email: or contact your local Commscope Distributor.

Software VersionReleaseDownloadPrice 
ANAAMP NETCONNECT Advanced Software3.10.1Purchase Licence£35.00
ANSAMP NETCONNECT Standard Software3.10.1Free Download---.--
System Requirements:

Operating System: 32-bit/64-bit Microsoft Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
Processor: 100mhz or higher
Physical Memory (RAM): 64mb or higher
Hard Disk Space: 25mb
Graphics Monitor: SVGA or higher
Printer: Laser printer

Product Information SheetDownload our information sheet for this product

Software Version Comparison ChartSee which version is right for you


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