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Fox-in-a-Box® Professional

Fox-in-a-Box® Professional


Fox-in-a-Box® Professional includes all the functionality of Standard and Advanced levels. Additionally, it includes very powerful functionality at import allowing user to view and select individual/groups of cells for importing. You can also quickly duplicate cable IDs, by the number of required for each ID, or produce cross ferruling ID numbers and even print both ends of a wire at the same time. The Professional level can also be used to produce bar codes and QR codes as well as import graphics and warning signs onto the label.

There is also a special technology, whereby the engineer can produce information and e-mail it to another engineer at a distant location. e-mailed information can be viewed and printed, but not changed in any way.

Professional level includes all the templates for our thermal and laser labels. Laser range can be printed on any ordinary office laser printer.

Test drive the software

Test drive Standard / Advanced / Professional levels of software by downloading the FREE Basic Level.

What’s included in Fox-in-a-Box® Professional?

  • Labacus® Innovator Professional Software
  • Automated Web Update FOC
  • DTP1/300 Thermal Printer
  • Full length Thermal Ribbon (300 M)
  • Label Guidance systems for Printer (as appropriate)
  • Printer Leads
  • Full Instruction Manual
  • Full Technical Support FOC

Different levels of Fox-in-a-Box® compared

Different levels of Fox-in-a-Box® compared.

Want higher functionality?

The Professional Fox-in-a-Box® is our most powerful level. If there is functionality that is not available please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss. This enables us to plan for future updates. Updates to all users of our solution are Free of charge.

Authorised for use by Network Rail. List of Network Rail Approval Numbers.

Printer ModelSoftwarePack QtyPrice 
FIAB-PRODTP-1/300Labacus Innovator Professional1£1,500.00
Included items
Printer: DTP-1 300dpi thermal printer
Software: Labacus Innovator Professional
Ribbon: TSR3/300 300m thermal ribbon
Cable: USB printer cable
Manual: Quick start guide
Support: Full technical support
Network Rail: Authorised for Use

Product Information Sheet Download our information sheet for this product

Network Rail ApprovalDownload list of approval numbers

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