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Pipe Identification

Pipe Identification


Pipes containing hazardous/non-hazardous fluids in commercial, industrial and manufacturing environments must be correctly identified. This also makes good sense. But how to do it? The most common methods are paint or pipe identification tape.

Silver Fox Endurance® Pipe Identification Tape

Silver Fox custom produce pipe ID tape to exact customer requirements using highest grade materials. Feedback from engineers is pipe ID tapes can often look and feel very similar. Choosing which will last and which will fail, is often difficult. Our approach is simple: We don’t just claim to use the best materials, we test our finished product in a variety extreme conditions at independent test laboratories.

Independently Tested

At Silver Fox we only every choose the best materials and back those choices up with rigorous and demanding independent tests for H2S, UV, Salt Mist Spray and High/Low temperature.

BS 1710 (BS 4800 colours) & ISO 14726

All our Pipe Identification Tapes comply with British Standard - BS 1710 (BS 4800 colours) and ISO 14726.

Silver Fox Endurance® Modular

Due to its versatility and durability, Endurance® Modular has become a very popular way to label equipment and valves. In support of its durability, it has also undergone independent testing for: H2S, UV, Salt Mist Spray, High/Low temperature.