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Prolab® Wrap-around Cable Labels

Prolab® Wrap-around Cable Labels



For both laser and thermal solutions our adhesives are designed to keep the labels in place. Easy talk! but then that’s our customers experience from Australia to North America. And their experience is supported by our independent testing for High/Low Temperature performance, and even Salt Mist Spray according to Lloyds Register.


A lot of time and care is taken to ensure the print surface on our labels is as opaque as possible – this in turn makes them easier to read when they are on the cables.


Several sizes of our Prolab® laser wrap round labels are available in different colours. Additionally, using a colour laser printer in conjunction with our Advanced or Professional Labacus® Innovator software levels allows the user to colour the background/font according to needs.

Deeper Print Areas

Labels with a deeper print area are also available. The benefit is that information can be printed all around the cable, rather than just on one strip. This information can be made up of separate and different lines of information or the one cable ID printed several times round the cable.

Bar Codes

Using the professional level of the Labacus® Innovator software, bar codes or QR codes can be printed on the labels.