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Tie-on Cable Labels

Tie-on Cable Labels


In total we offer 6 different options of Tie-on Cable Label.


If application is external, in direct sunlight, best options: Either Fox-Flo® tie-on, printed by you via our Fox-in-a-Box® Thermal printer. Or Stainless Steel/Laser Engraved, prepared in our factory via our laser engraver.

We often find our labels are used externally, but within junction boxes/trunking.   Under these sort of conditions, many of our labels that are classified as “internal” may be suitable for use.  For more information please refer to specific data sheets.

Internal or External (in Boxes or Conduit)

If application is internal or external (but protected), then choose according to your preference or needs:

  • Fox-Flo® Labels LS0H (Low Smoke, Zero-Halogen) and UV stable. Prepare/print via Fox-in-a-Box® thermal printer.
  • Fox® PVC. A little tougher than Legend™ Polyester. Prepare/print via Fox-in-a-Box® thermal printer.
  • Legend™ Polyester (A4 sheets). No special equipment required, just an ordinary office laser. Print up to 60 labels in just 20 seconds, the time it takes to run the sheet through the printer.
  • Legend™Polyester (rolls). Prepare/print via Fox-in-a-Box® thermal printer.
  • Endurance® Acrylic Engraved – Custom engraved in Silver Fox factory to your order.
  • Endurance® Stainless Steel Engraved – Custom engraved in Silver Fox factory to your order.



Fox-in-a-Box® Standard at £450, includes all our thermal (and laser) templates. If more functionality required, seamlessly upgrade at any time to Advanced / Professional. All Fox-in-a-Box® software levels include all Silver Fox thermal and laser label templates. All levels share the same printer and same ribbon.

How Many Labels/Ribbon?

Thermal ribbon length 300m. As a guide; print approx. 3000 x 90mm length labels with one ribbon.

Printing Speeds?

Print approx. 120-200 x 90mm labels per minute.

Labacus® Innovator Software

All four levels of Labacus® Innovator software drive the Legend™ Laser Tie-on and also include full range of Silver Fox laser templates. Try all levels free of charge. All levels can be seamlessly upgraded at any time in the future to any higher level that best suits your needs.