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There are 3 levels of Fox-in-a-Box® (Standard / Advanced / Professional).
Each level includes the same printer the same ribbon. The difference is functionality in included software. So if needed, at any time in the future you can seamlessly upgrade Standard to Advanced or Advanced to Professional. In short you are not locked in, your initial investment is protected!

What about keeping up to date?

Uniquely, Silver Fox include automated web update functionality with all the levels of software (Standard/Advanced/Professional), these automatically update via the web. Updates are free of charge to all users of our solution. Your solution is quite literally future proof!

Which Printer for which labels?

Use same printer for our entire range of thermal labels.

Which ribbon for which label?

Use same thermal ribbon for our entire range of thermal labels. This saves time, reduces stock and removes the danger or error on ribbon type – there is only one ribbon.

What labels can be run through the printer?

What about the printer driver?

We often get asked about installing a printer driver. Our solution is designed to be simple and straightforward, our printer driver is included when you install software. No need to install a separate driver it’s all included. Plus with our unique Plug’N’Play functionality, no need to worry about the printer port.

Do I need to calibrate the printer when I set up or change labels?

No, with our printer driver there is no need to calibrate at set up or when changing labels.

What about laser labels?

Whichever level of Fox-in-a-Box you choose, the templates for our entire range of laser labels included with software. Print laser labels through any ordinary office laser printer.

Which operating systems will it work on?

Labacus Innovator software works with Windows 2000, NT, XP Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
Apple Mac users please click here for more details.

What do I get from different levels?

Click here for a comparison sheet

Click here to test drive software used on different levels

For more information call +44 (0) 1707 37 37 27 or e-mail:

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