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Legend™ 2-Part Clear Tubing

Legend™ 2-Part Clear Tubing

What is the Legend™ 2-Part System?

The Silver Fox Legend 2-part labelling system label available in both laser and thermal printable formats fits inside our off-the-shelf 2-part labelling system tube which acts as a carrier and also protects the ident.

What are they made of?

The clear tubes are flexible plastic made from PVC.

What sizes are available?

Available in 3 lengths; 20mm, 30mm and 50mm and a wide variety of diameters for each length.

What about the labels?

You can view and order the laser format 2-Part labelling system labels here.
You can view and order the thermal format 2-Part labelling system labels here.

How does it work?

The tail of the label is pulled through the tube then torn or cut after insertion leaving the label in the tube. Click on the 'Photos' tab below to see all the stages.

Product Codes Explained 

Click on the 'Information' tab below for more details.

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Product Datasheet

Wire/Cable OD Ø (mm)Tube Length (mm)Pack QtyPrice 
LT/1-2/201.2 - 2.5201000£35.68
LT/1-2/301.2 - 2.5301000£45.10
LT/1-2/501.2 - 2.5501000£62.61
LT/2-4/202.5 - 4201000£36.32
LT/2-4/302.5 - 4301000£46.49
LT/2-4/502.5 - 4501000£66.79
LT/3-5/203 - 5201000£36.76
LT/3-5/303 - 5301000£46.38
LT/3-5/503 - 5501000£65.49
LT/4-7/204 - 7201000£41.67
LT/4-7/304 - 7301000£54.49
LT/4-7/504 - 750500£48.09
LT/6-10/206 - 1020500£37.51
LT/6-10/306 - 1030500£45.21
LT/6-10/506 - 1050500£63.36
LT/10-14/2010 - 1420500£43.80
LT/10-14/3010 - 1430500£57.71
LT/10-14/5010 - 1450500£84.94
Product Codes Explained:
Product Information
Material PVC
Flammability class (UL94): V2
RoHS: RoHS compliant

Product Information SheetDownload our information sheet for this product

Product TestingDownload our product testing information sheet

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