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Legend™ 2-Part System

Legend™ 2-Part System



Legend™ 2-part wire marking includes a clear plastic tube with 2 recesses. One for the label and one for the wire.

Why choose a 2-part system?

Depending on your application and project a 2 part system can have a lot of benefits:

  • You can change the ident at any time, without need to cut wire/re-label/re-terminate/re-test circuit
  • The ident is protected under the clear tube used for mounting
  • The characters are in-line so easily read
  • The clear tube mounting grips the wire so does not slide down

What printing options are there?

  • We offer 3 lengths – 20mm, 30mm and uniquely a 50mm length for longer idents
  • Depending label type chosen: you can use an ordinary office laser printer or our Plug’N’Play thermal option via Fox-in-a-Box® Starter kit

Is a special thermal ribbon needed if the thermal option is chosen?

You can use the same ribbon and same printer as all of our other thermal labels.

What about durability?

The finished printed labels have been independently tested for a variety of conditions including: High/Low temperature, H2S and even Salt mist spray.

Are labels easy to fit/remove?

Yes, we have a special flexible design so you can pull label into clear tube mounting. We have developed this because rigid options can suffer from over tightness which in turn results in difficulties inserting/removing the label block from the clear tube. By using flexible plastics, Silver Fox addresses these issues, while still offering a fully durable labelling solution.


Leave the tail of the label on to the end of the project – this makes the label even easier to remove.

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