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Cable Labels

Cable Labels


Because applications can be so different, Silver Fox offer a number of alternative cable labelling solutions. Please note; where we state “internal” this can also often be externally in a protected area, such as a junction box or trunking/raceway.

Ethernet/UTP Type Cabling Internal (terminated & un-terminated)

Instrument/Electrical Internal(un-terminated)

Cables/Wires Ø ≤ 6mm

Cables Ø = 6mm - 12mm

Also consider:

Electrical/Instrument Internal (terminated & un-terminated)

Cables Ø ≥ 12mm

Also consider:

Electrical/Instrumentation External (terminated & un-terminated)

Cables Ø ≥ 6mm

Also consider:

LS0H (Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen)

For LS0H environments such as Rail/Underground/Mining/Public Buildings:

Thermal Printed labels

Where thermally printed labels are required: Prepare/print using Fox-in-a-Box® solution. Kit includes; Thermal Printer/Ribbon/Software/Leads. The same kit also includes templates for all Silver Fox laser label range. Laser labels can be printed on any ordinary office laser printer.

Laser printed labels

If only laser labels are required use Silver Fox Labacus® Innovator software and print on any ordinary office laser printer.