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2-part System Tubing

2-part System Tubing

Clear tubing for use with the Pro-Power 2-part labelling system. The tubing acts as a carrier and protector for the label. Because of this special formation it possible to slide the blank tubing onto the wire prior to termination. The label can then be applied at that time or at any time after termination.

With other systems, changing idents can be a problem; the cable needs to be cut, ident changed, cable re-terminated and even circuit re-tested. This all takes time and costs money. With this special 2-part system from Pro-Power changes can be made in seconds, and without even cutting the wire. Simply remove label from the tubing and pull in the new label. TIP: The label can be removed even after the tail has been cut off, but for even easier/faster removal, leave the long tail in position until you project is complete, then cut it off.

Tubing is available in various sizes depending on diameter of the cable, whatever the size, it still takes the same label. Additionally, the tubing and matching labels are available in 3 lengths; 20mm, 30mm and 50mm. The longer the label, the more characters that can be printed.

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Wire/Cable OD Ø (mm)Tube Length (mm)Pack QtyPrice 
20751091.25 - 2.520500---.--View this item on the their website
20751101.25 - 2.530500---.--View this item on the their website
20751111.25 - 2.550500---.--View this item on the their website
20751122.5 - 4.020500---.--View this item on the their website
20751132.5 - 4.030500---.--View this item on the their website
20751142.5 - 4.050500---.--View this item on the their website
20751153.0 - 5.020500---.--View this item on the their website
20751163.0 - 5.030500---.--View this item on the their website
20751173.0 - 5.050500---.--View this item on the their website

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