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2-part System Labels

2-part System Labels

A really easy and fast way of producing wire markers, using a normal office laser printer. No special equipment required. Up to 75 labels printed in 15 seconds  (the time it takes for sheet to run through a normal office laser printer).

With this system you can produce mono or colour labels, or even resistor colour-coded labels (colour laser required for colour labels). With other systems, changing idents can be a problem; the cable needs to be cut, ident changed, cable re-terminated and even circuit re-tested. This all takes time and costs money. With this special 2-part system from Pro-Power changes can be made in seconds, and without even cutting the wire. Simply remove the label from tubing and pull in the new label.

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Label Dim (mm)Printable Area (mm)Sheet SizeLabels per SheetSheets per PackColourPrice 
207510520 x 519 x 4A47510White---.--View this item on the their website
207510730 x 529 x 4A44510White---.--View this item on the their website
207510850 x 549 x 4A43810White---.--View this item on the their website

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