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Farnell Pro-Power

Farnell Pro-Power


The Pro-Power labelling software is specially developed for Farnell by our team at Silver Fox. It is a derivative of our own Labacus Innovator® software. The templates and functionality are specifically geared to Farnell users.

Specifically what's Different?

Pro-Power labelling software is our own design and our own development. It is not built around any third party database. This gives us excellent flexibility, enabling us to adjust and evolve the software and its functionality according to the changing needs and expectations of our users.

Continuous Improvement

This software was first introduced in 2013, since then there have already been several updates through our continuous improvement - evolution and not revolution.

Keeping all our Users Up-to-date

This continuous improvement has been passed onto all our users by utilizing our own automated web update functionality. Each time the software runs it polls our website and if there is a newer version it automatically downloads.

The free updates are a mix of improvements in: user interface/systems operation/operating system capability are all free of charge. For example, the latest release in this long line of releases has a huge list of changes and improvements can now also be operated on pc’s with Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. Apple Mac users please click here for more details.

Cost of software

The software is free. There are no annual license or maintenance costs.


To view information on functionality click here.

Help and support

Uniquely the Pro-Power software incorporates powerful context sensitive help including screen dumps and worked examples AND links to YouTube help videos showing you in minutes exactly how to operate the software:

Click here to view the videos.


The Pro-power software incorporates a number of different label templates. The labels can be purchased directly from Farnell.

For more information on specific label types please click on one of the links below:

For more information contact Silver Fox Limited; email: or contact Farnell direct.