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Prolab® Wrap-around – Laser Option

Prolab® Wrap-around – Laser Option

  Label Application Guide
Outside Cable
Diameter Ø

Terminated /
Outside Outside
Inside Inside
Ø = 5 - 36

T / U
★ These labels are not LS0H but may be considered for labelling data cables in LS0H areas


The Prolab® wrap round self-laminating labels are made from a durable polyester, for long term bonding to the cable they use a strong acrylic adhesive.

The label sheet is specially constructed to ensure minimum “pre-delamination” when printing.

We offer both 25mm and 50mm width labels, the latter is useful for longer ID’s. Typical applications include: LAN’s, Data Centres, and Industrial Ethernet as well as marine data applications.


The finished printed labels (wrapped round a cable) have been successfully independently tested to 85°C for 1000 hours. They have also been tested for Salt Mist Spray according to Lloyds Register Type Approval System.

For full information on testing please refer to Product Datasheet.


Depending on the size there are up to 5 colours available:


Also consider colour blocking label background on white labels using Advanced/Professional software and colour laser printer.

Resistor Colour-Coding option also available with Advanced/Professional software again with colour laser printer.


Labacus Innovator Basic/Standard/Advanced/Professional & Professional Satellite (for distant site printing of Professional output).

Download free trials of Standard/Advanced/Professional with FOC Basic software.


Print via ordinary office laser printer ideally with a straight printer path.


Click on the 'Information' tab below for more details.


  • To print all around the cable, several labels offer deeper print area eg: P06/2519L. This allows you to print same cable ID all around cable, meaning ID can be read from any side.

  • 'Repeat Previous Build' functionality and multiple line options in Advanced/Professional levels, allow you to select more than one line and then quickly/easily repeat information from one line to the next.
    Or you can add extra information in the multiple lines.

  • To remove labels from sheet: fold sheet along cut line, then flick up the labels.

For more information call our Sales Team on +44 (0)1707 37 37 27
or email

Cable OD Ø (mm)Printable Area (mm)Sheet SizeLabels Per SheetPack QtyColour OptionsPrice 
P05/2508L525 x 8A48010 SheetsWhite£27.00
P05/2508L(100)525 x 8A480100 SheetsWhite£256.50
P06/2519L5 - 625 x 19A44810 SheetsWhiteYellow£27.00
P06/2519L(100)5 - 625 x 19A448100 SheetsWhiteYellow£256.50
P08/1212L5 - 812 x 12A49010 SheetsWhiteYellowBlueGreen£27.00
P08/1212L(100)5 - 812 x 12A490100 SheetsWhiteYellowBlueGreen£256.50
P08/2512L5 - 825 x 12A44810 SheetsWhiteYellowBlueGreenRed£27.00
P08/2512L(100)5 - 825 x 12A448100 SheetWhiteYellowBlueGreenRed£256.50
P08/5012L5 - 850 x 12A42410 SheetsWhiteYellow£27.00
P08/5012L(100)5 - 850 x 12A424100 SheetsWhiteYellow£256.50
P13/2520L5 - 1325 x 20A43210 SheetsWhite£27.00
P13/2520L(100)5 - 1325 x 20A432100 SheetsWhite£256.50
P13/5020L5 - 1350 x 20A41610 SheetsWhite£27.00
P13/5020L(100)5 - 1350 x 20A416100 SheetsWhite£256.50
P17/2525L8 - 1725 x 25A42410 SheetsWhite£27.00
P17/2525L(100)8 - 1725 x 25A424100 SheetsWhite£256.50
P20/2520L10 - 2025 x 20A42410 SheetsWhite£27.00
P20/2520L(100)10 - 2025 x 20A424100 SheetsWhite£256.50
P20/5020L10 - 2050 x 20A41210 SheetsWhite£27.00
P20/5020L(100)10 - 2050 x 20A412100 SheetsWhite£256.50
P36/2515L3625 x 15A41610 SheetsWhite£87.55

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Date: June 24, 2010

Paul Fernandes

“We have dealt with Silver Fox Ltd since 2005; we use hundreds of wrap around labels on our projects in the Middle East and have found them to be easy to produce, good quality, strong and long-lasting in our hot climate. I can confidently recommend Silver Fox Ltd as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.“

Date: May 6, 2011


I am completely satisfied with service and communication received from Silver Fox when purchasing PO8/2520s. I hope that we will continue our business in future. Ordering from your website is perfect – very simple and clear. You have a very wide range of products which covers every customer's specific needs.

Date: April 17, 2012

Stuart McLean

“I have a set of P08/2512L labels from my previous job and find the software very easy to use. We don’t do much cable labelling but when we do it helps to give a professional finish.”

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