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Silver Fox labelling solutions are changing the way cables, wires and equipment are labelled within the transportation industry, globally. Providing the simplest labelling solutions on the market, tested to the highest specs, Silver Fox guarantees hassle-free labelling.

Silver Fox labels have been widely used across the transportation industry on many major projects for London Underground/Network Rail/Cross Rail. Proving their ease of installation, durability and compatibility.

Silver Fox independently tested the Fox-Flo® tie on cable labels for a range of conditions as required in the rail industry including:

  • LUL 1-085:
    • BS EN ISO 4589-2:1999 – Oxygen Index
    • BS 6853:1999 Annex D.8.3 – Smoke Emission
    • BS 6853:1999 Annex B.1 – Toxic Fume
  • EN 45545-2 R22

Additionally Fox-Flo® labels have been tested for:

  • High/Low Temperature
  • Salt Mist spray
  • Accelerated UV ageing for an industry leading 8000 hours

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