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Sticky Selling

“How much? That’s way too much money!” How many times have you heard that? Truth is, that’s what the buyer is there to do – push you down on price, and they’re only doing their job. But sticky selling is more than just putting in a price. It’s about understanding your customer and their needs and issues. 

If the only driver to buy a product/service is price then there is always somebody who can undercut you. In the UK, Tesco plc (the leading national food retailer) has for many years fostered (at least in my mind) that they are the cheapest place for me to shop. Frustratingly for Tesco, other cheaper rivals have come in selling the same branded products for less. So this large chain has an uphill battle to win back those who have left and to keep those who are still shopping with them. 

In truth there are other important aspects in the Tesco sales platform in addition to price. Such things as: convenience/spread of choice/parking/loyalty cards/shopping experience… This latter one is interesting, as it can also be driven by the customer facing staff.

In fact, these very same customer facing staff may be one of the best hidden resources that Tesco has in understanding their customers and re-building their sales!

As part of “sticky” mind-set for a business to thrive the sales interface is a critical resource as well as being the funnel through which the business runs.

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