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Sticky Product Development

Sticky Product Development

At Silver Fox we sell a lot of our wrap around self-laminating cable labels across the world. So we were delighted to get feedback from Cormant one of our long standing customers in California:

"We like Silver Fox wrap around cable labels because they do what they are supposed to do. This allows us to ‘fit and forget’. Couple this with their service and rapid delivery even from half way round the world and it makes a great package.”

I was delighted to get this feedback not least because we take a huge amount of care in choosing the right materials/print surfaces/adhesives. The so called “sticky” label is not always the same and specifications and performance differ radically.

I am not writing to specifically promote Silver Fox but because of the obvious link between the “sticky” series I have been publishing and the particular e-mail about what are often called “sticky” labels. I thought it might be an opportunity to publish something on sticky product development.

For us, and I suspect other manufacturers’, product development can demand a high level of creativity.

How many remember the Amstrad Hi-Fi or their CPC 464 PC? We tend to disregard home grown innovation but the Amstrad all in one hi-fi unit designed to look like individual tuner/amp etc. all in one case with one power supply was a masterstroke! And it is even said that the CPC 464 was a game changer for the world of personal computers. At one stage for example, I believe Amstrad had 50% of the French PC market. They certainly understood their market! Now that’s sticky product development!

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