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Sticky Marketing

Years ago somebody once showed me their History revision notes. They had cut them back to such an extent that the whole of their syllabus was encapsulated in just one word “History”!

I don’t suppose it is possible to achieve the same astonishing levels of precis with marketing. But is it perhaps possible to cut through the clatter and select one key element that summarizes everything?

Marketing is made up of many different strands, brought together in the Marketing Plan. Underpinning that plan is the research necessary to understand the market; and that is perhaps the single most important aspect of the whole show. To achieve the necessary levels of understanding there is market research. 

In the oil and gas industry for example, things are pretty tight at the moment, but I have several friends in market research dealing in various sectors and they are rushed off their feet!


The basic answer is because companies want to understand what drives their customers. Get that right and you are a long way down the road to making the sales.

So what’s the key and why have you read so far? Simple, you want to find out if there is anything in all this that will help you. You want to see “what’s in it for you”. Customers are no different – to distil marketing down to simple phrase that crystallises customer’s priorities it has to be: “What’s in it for me?” Marketing has to be focused to this one simple question in order to remain effective.

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