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Software Development

Some of the FOC updates and developments that we have made to our software:

 Software Developments
    Start at Line
    Automatic Webupdate
    .csv Spreadsheet Import
   .xls Spreadsheet  Import
    Add QR Codes
    Add Barcodes
    Add Graphics
   Add Warning Signs
   Graphics & Layout Editor
    Print all lines to the end of the page
    Add & Edit Header Information
   Integrated Plug‘N’Play Thermal Printer Driver
   Print 2 Reels of Heat-shrink / Non-shrink at once
   Add a Prefix and / or Suffix to Sequence
   Add ‘Steps’ and ‘Repeats’ to a Sequence
   Select Start Line for Job Prints (Laser Labels)
   Add Electrical Symbols
   Colour Coding
   Resistor Colour Coding
   Repeat Information
   Add New Stream to Existing Sequence
   Cross Ferruling
   Input Quantity to be Printed for Each Cable ID
   Export Job to Satellite
   Add & Edit Job Notes