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The most innovative exports in the county

Yesterday Silver Fox won the "Business Innovation" award at the SME Business Awards for Hertfordshire,... Read more

Product Datasheets

Silver Fox Product Datasheets
Software Labacus® Innovator Software
Printers & Accessories Fox-in-a-Box®
  Thermal Ribbons
Product Testing Product Testing
Product Application Guides Cable/Wire Labels Application Guide
  Equipment Labels Application Guide
2-Part Labelling System  Legend™ 2-Part System - Laser Labels
   Legend™ 2-Part System - Thermal Labels
   Legend™ 2-Part System - Clear Tubing
Tie-on Cable Labels Fox-Flo® Tie-on Labels
  Fox® Tie-on Labels
  Legend™ Tie-on Labels - Laser
  Legend™ Tie-on Labels - Thermal
  Nylon Cable Ties
Wrap-around Cable Labels Prolab® Wrap-around Cable Labels - Laser
  Prolab® Wrap-around Cable Labels - Thermal
Optical Fibre Prolab® Optical Fibre Flag Labels
Heatshrink Legend™ Heatshrink - Premium
  Legend™ Heatshrink - LS0H
  Legend™ Pre-Printed Heatshrink Markers
Non-shrink Tubing  Legend™ Non-Shrink Tubing
Engraved Labels Endurance® Laser Engraved Labels
  Endurance® Traffolyte Engraved Labels
  Endurance® Stainless Steel Engraved Labels
Equipment Labelling Prolab® Patch Panel Labels
  Prolab® P/TAG Labels
  Prolab® Wiring/Connector Block Labels
  Prolab® Asset Labels
Pipe Marking Tape Endurance® Pipe Marking Tape - External Grade
  Endurance® Pipe Marking Tape - Internal Grade
Endurance Modular ID Endurance® Modular ID System
Solar PV Warning Labels Solar PV Warning Labels