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Instrumentation Scotland and Offshore Systems 2014

Silver Fox exhibited at this year's Instrumentation Scotland and Offshore Systems in Aberdeen, Scotland on the 3rd and 4th September 2014. 

Silver Fox® will be displayed a range of products, including Fox-Flo® Low Smoke Zero Halogen Tie-on Cable Labels, LegendTM LHZ2 Low-smoke Zero-halogen Heatshrink and LNST Non-shrink Tubing.

The tests these labels have undergone, making them so suitable to the offshore industry, include Salt Mist spray, Moisture Resistance, UV Weathering (currently over 6000 hours) and IMO testing for both Smoke and Toxicity (Part 2) and Surface Spread of Flames (Part 5). Further details of our product testing can be found by clicking here.

Also on display was the Fox-in-a-Box® system comprising the Plug’N’Play Thermal label printer and the Labacus Innovator labelling software.

For further information, please contact our sales team:

You can visit the Instrumentation Scotland and Offshore Systems website by clicking here.