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The most innovative exports in the county

Yesterday Silver Fox won the "Business Innovation" award at the SME Business Awards for Hertfordshire,... Read more

Our Board

Silver Fox is governed by a strong and diverse board of Directors. The Board comprises of three Executive Directors:

Chief Executive   Operations Director
Nick Michaelson   Michelle Michaelson
Nick founded Silver Fox in 1980, that’s a long time ago!  And over the past 30 years he has been working to develop what many of our users say is the best, easiest and fastest labelling solution that have ever used.

His quest goes on to make it always better.  That’s why Nick and his team are keen to listen to feedback. “If somebody has contact us with a question, issue or idea, then we respect they have given their time and we are keen to listen and understand”

Yes, his proudest moment was meeting Her Majesty the Queen when Silver Fox won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise – International Trade in 2005.  

But what gives him a buzz every day?

“Three things really: helping members of our team develop, getting our new developments to work, so they are seamless and easy for our users.  And last but not least, new customers from recommendation, now that’s an honour!

Nick is a Member of the Institute of Technology,MIET, Fellow of the RSA and has an Honours Degree in Business Studies.
  Until 2011 Michelle acted as a consultant to Silver Fox on the day to day running of the company. She brings key skills to be business including HR and Accounts.

“Actually no two days are the same, but for me the best part is working with our team some of whom have been with us for many years they know their jobs and the business very well.  It’s this long term continuity that we are particularly proud of, for us, the business and most of all our customers and users around the world.”

With her past experience in sales and marketing, albeit within the media sector Michelle has previously worked for BskyB, Turner International, MGM/UA and Viacom International, she is also well placed to work with and understand the sales and marketing side of the business.

Michelle’s greatest professional highlight was being presented to H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace when Silver Fox won Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2005.  Nick her husband is also able to report that this was the first time that Michelle stood there lost for words and speechless!

Technical Director  
Andrew Tilbury  
Andrew leads the technical team at Silver Fox with the brief to develop new and innovative labelling systems and software for the future. Additional responsibilities include overseeing the technical support department within the company; guaranteeing Silver Fox customers will receive the best technical advice and support available. 

“This job is the best and the worst!  That may seem a strange thing to say, but anybody who has been involved with Product Development will know one day you’ve cracked it and are on top of the world and the very next day something else turns up and you are virtually back where you started. That said we continue to introduce world beating solutions and improvements, that’s what I find very satisfying.

Andrew joined Silver Fox in 2001; He previously worked at British Aerospace, Xerox and Mitsubishi Electric. The pace of development is demanding and relentless and Andrew jokes that he has lost a lot of hair in his time at Silver Fox.  
He continues to make a significant contribution to both the developments and the essential on-going support.